Unsere Team

Hotelovému komplexu Zámek Valeč dávají duši lidé, kteří v něm pracují. Majitelé se snaží poskytnout svým hostům komfort, pohodlí a odpočinek s osobitým přístupem, tak aby Vaše návštěva byla nezapomenutelným zážitkem. Rodinná atmosféra panuje v celém hotelu a všichni zaměstnanci Vám ochotně splní každé Vaše přání.

Anežka Valová

hotel direktor

Anežka Valová is not only a hotel director but also a hotel owner. She lives near the castle, and therefore you can meet her almost every day. She's in charge of communication with clients, presentation of the hotel, customer care. She likes organizing hand making activities for children and adults.

Petra Kučerová

hotel Manager

Young manager Petra is newcomer to the hotel team, but thanks to her approach to work she's a great benefit for the hotel. Her responsibility is the entire operation of the hotel, communication with clients and organization of cultural and social events.

Milan Růžička

hotel Manager

Thanks to his more then twenty years of experience is Milan a real expert in the hotel industry. He provides the technical customer requirements related to trainings, conferences, and ensures their smooth run. He is also responsible for the supply and daily run of the hotel.

Martin Tůma

restaurant manager and sommelier

Martin's got years of experience working in the local restaurant facilities. He enjoys working with people very much, he will dulcify your time spent in the restaurant Stodola with his friendly attitude. He will also advise you with a wine selection from the extensive wine cellar of the castle.

Michal Novák


Michal and his experienced team prepare meals à la Carte using seasonal ingredients from local farmers. There is an extensive herb garden at his disposal for final meal flavoring. Michael can also be seen on one of his cooking shows, organized for the entertainment of hotel guests.