The ocean of water in all states and in different forms will keep you pleasant company at the Chateau Valeč hotel. Ponds, pools, steam and snow even in summer!

Natural water

You can enjoy serene moments by walking around the two chateau ponds. If viewing from the shores isn’t enough for you, we will gladly let you borrow a rowboat and you can take a ride on the ponds! The more demanding lovers of natural waters will enjoy the nearby Dalešice dam. There, they can enjoy a sightseeing cruise, experience the excitement of fishing or go for a good swim. 

Pool Quintet

But most of our hotel guests do not want to leave the wellness paradise. A big part of why, are the five pools. Add this to the cooled pool, water jets, a fountain and a space for kneipping in the Venetian dome and it is clear that you will enjoy an ocean of water right on the hotel grounds. 


When you get out of one of our 9 saunas , you’ll find that your worries, stress and fatigue have melted away. For this you can thank the gaseous state of water – steam, which takes care of this relief in the hotel wellness centre. Of course, you can find it in steam saunas, but also in a bio sauna or the salt bath.


You can enjoy ice and snow in the Valeč Wellness Hotel all year round. A proper cooling down awaits you in the ice cave . And when winter comes to the castle ponds, you have a great time skating.

Do you want to enjoy water in all of its forms?

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