Dining room

Dining room

The hall with a ceiling richly decorated with still lifes of flowers, animals and fruits, which should give guests an appetite, it has a view of the castle ponds. It is the second largest hall in the castle and is suitable for training, evening or accompanying programmes and has wifi.

Dining room
approx. 30 people
Approximate hall rental price
20 000 CZK/ 800 €

More spaces

Bonuses and discounted rates – this is exactly what residential packages bring you. Some of them can even be assembled specifically for you so that they’re a pleasure to unpack.

12 000 CZK/ 480 €


approx. 20 people
18 000 CZK


approx. 30 people
18 000 CZK


approx. 60 people
15 000 CZK/ 600 €

Knightly Hall

approx. 24 people

Want a Royal Congress for your business?

a room