Knightly Hall

One of the most decorated halls in the castle with a partially preserved painting and the original portal from 1534, which is decorated with the coats of arms of the castle founders, a fireplace and a view of the entrance courtyard. The lounge has wifi and is most commonly used for wedding ceremonies during bad weather or training or workshops.

Knightly Hall
approx. 24 people
Approximate hall rental price
15 000 CZK/ 600 €

More spaces

Bonuses and discounted rates – this is exactly what residential packages bring you. Some of them can even be assembled specifically for you so that they’re a pleasure to unpack.

7 000 CZK/ 280 €


approx. 26 people
from 40 000 CZK/ 1 600 €

Great Hall

approx. 600 people
18 000 CZK


approx. 30 people
15 000 CZK/ 600 €

Wine cellar

approx. 60 people

Want a Royal Congress for your business?

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