Library, collection cabinet

Three connected lounges dedicated to knowledge and discoveries with a view of the castle ponds, farm building and chimney. These lounges are suitable for training. All three lounges have wifi internet access.

Library, collection cabinet
39m², 30m²
approx. 12 people
Approximate hall rental price
12 000 CZK/ 480 €

More spaces

Bonuses and discounted rates – this is exactly what residential packages bring you. Some of them can even be assembled specifically for you so that they’re a pleasure to unpack.

15 000 CZK/ 600 €

Knightly Hall

approx. 24 people
18 000 CZK


approx. 60 people
8 000 CZK/ 320 €


approx. 20 people
7 000 CZK/ 280 €


approx. 25 people

Want a Royal Congress for your business?

a room