A quiet square, stars shine above and five little wooden houses, from which radiates pleasant warmth. Welcome to the sauna village! Choose which type of sauna will begin the cleansing of your body and mind. Or continue to the fancy Venetian dome, from where the paths lead to other corners of the sauna world and relaxation zones.

Sauna time

Monday - Sunday
from 17.00.
to 21:00

Our hotel guests can enjoy other wellness activities (swimming pools, whirlpools) from 7am.

Sauna world

9 saunas, cooled pool, refreshments and plenty of relaxation rooms. This is the sauna world in a nutshell. Multiple types of saunas will make sure that the real sauna experience really comes to everyone. What kinds of saunas will you enjoy during your stay?

90 °C

Finnish sauna

Sauna classics in which temperatures reach up to 90° C. The most popular and most visited type of sauna. We have 3 Finnish saunas warmed up and ready, so that everyone can enjoy the peace and comfort.
40 and 50 °C

Steam sauna

If you can't stand the high temperatures of the Finnish sauna, come relax to the steam sauna, where the thermometer stops between 40 and 50° C. But the humidity often rises to the 100% limit.

Aromatic steam sauna

Pleasant relaxation in the steam is also accompanied by delightful aromas.
70 °C


Biosauna combines the principles of Finnish and steam saunas. Compared to the Finnish sauna, the inside temperatures are lower (only around 60° C), but humidity is higher (30-60%) as is typical with steam saunas.

Infrared sauna

No steam, no high temperatures, no heavy load for the body. Only maximum release. Infrared rays penetrate straight into the tissues to calm and relax your body.
40 °C


The tepidarium will also boost your health without burdening your blood circulation. The internal temperature is only around 40° C at 20% humidity. Radiant heat comes from heated walls, floors and benches.

Salt bath

The air in this steam sauna has a high amount of salt in it. It is said that an hour in the salt bath is at least as beneficial as one day by the sea.

Ice cave

You can enjoy snow in Valeč even during the summer. That's because it is created continuously in the ice cave. The icy snow will perfectly cool you after the sauna.

More relaxation in the wellness palace

You’ve already sweated out all the stress and fatigue in the sauna, refreshed in the shower or cooled down in the pool. Great! Now it’s time to be comfortable. No problem. All you have to do is choose the right environment to relax.The quiet relaxation rooms offer views of the outdoor pools and are great for uninterrupted naps. But maybe you’d rather read or have a quiet chat. In that case, let us invite you to the Venetian dome, where you can enjoy the quiet flow of water in the fountain and a space for kneipping. Does gazing into the unbound harmony of flames soothe you? Come rest in the relaxing room with a fireplace. But if you want to enjoy the fresh breeze or get a tan, enjoy relaxing outside.

Venetian Dome

Relaxing room with a fireplace

Space for kneipping

Quiet room

And when you get hungry or thirsty after all the pleasant procedures, you don’t have to hurry to a bar or restaurant. In our wellness paradise you can refresh yourself for free with tea, citrus water or fruit.     

The hotel guests enjoy free use of the wellness palace. 

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