There are hotels where you can spend the night.
With us you'll enjoy the day.

Choose from our 120 rooms


Sleep like kings. You can dream in a chateau chamber or in the stylish luxury of the present. A night at the chateau - that is something you won't forget.


Royal background for corporate events. Even a small meeting can be magnificent. Even a big conference, can have be a family atmosphere.


5 pools, 9 saunas and many skilled pairs of hands in the beauty centre will refresh your body and mind. Enjoy modern wellness in a historical setting.


Say your "I do's" in the chateau chambers, celebrate in the modern hall. Or vice versa. We can arrange a fairy tale wedding or a purely modern ceremony.


Cool in summer, warm in winter - two year-round heated outdoor swimming pools ensure your well-being at all times.

Confectionery baking

From the courtyard patisserie straight to the plate - we bake our sweet delights directly at the chateau.

Historical tours

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the chateau manor during the historical tour of our castle.

Chateau garden

A walk in the Renaissance environment around the two chateau ponds will brighten up your day in any season.

Stay packages

Bonuses and Discounts – This is what stay packages bring you. We can even make some specifically for you so that they’re a pleasure to unpack.

11 500 Kč

Romantic weekend for two

You will feel like you are in a fairy tale when you enter your chateau room. You can spend more romantic moments in the wellness area or on a boat ride on the chateau pond.

Custom-made family packages

Were none of the offered packages to your liking? Cheer up, we will be happy to prepare and price the exact program you expect from your family vacation. Now all you have to do is discuss with the others what activities we should prepare for you and let us know.
19 600 Kč

Four-day family stay 2 + 2

The Family Suite gives you the opportunity to stay together, while still having enough room. You will enjoy yourself not only in wellness, but also when bowling or boating. We will cool a bottle of excellent wine for the parents,
9 400 Kč

Three-day sport and relaxation stay

Relaxation in the wellness area can compensate for the active relaxation of cycling trips and tennis. All that in the very heart of the picturesque Vysočina region.
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